Metahumans Ascension is an upcoming science fiction novel written by Ryan Ray Martinus Lee. The novel stars Ryan Lee himself and special guest star Sofia Carson in leading roles, alongside his friends Jonathan Martin Hicks, Megan Tan, Caleb Meyerhoff, Angelica Malagon, Karsten Seidel, Ashleigh Yzerman, Damon Grouette, Taylor Williamson, Eric VanderZwaag and Ben Macri. In the novel, Metahumans are widely known as having been once ordinary human beings who eventually developed superhuman abilities. The plot follows Ryan and his friends (specifically Megan, Caleb, Angelica, Karsten and Taylor) as they learn how to fit in with ordinary people. But when their mentor Kevin Veenstra falls under the influence of an ancient evil, Lee and his friends must embrace their destiny as superheroes.



  • Ryan Lee,
  • Meyerhoff,
  • Meyerhoff,
  • Malagon,
  • Seidel,
  • Williamson,
  • Tan,
  • Yzerman,
  • Jr.,
  • Manhunter,
  • Danvers,
  • Luthor,
  • Superman,
  • Metallo,



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